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UIN No: 101N117V02 | Launch Date : 31/01/2020

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With the alarming rise in incidence rates of cardiac ailments in India as well around the world and the rising costs of medical expenses, we at HDFC Life understand the need for exclusive financial protection specifically designed for cardiac conditions and procedures. In our endeavour to ensure that you stay financially healthy during a stressful time, we present HDFC Life Cardiac Care, a comprehensive plan aimed at providing financial protection in case you are diagnosed with a cardiac condition or are undergoing a procedure as covered under the policy.

Why you need this plan?

  • Cost of medical treatments is increasing every year.
  • Continuous post surgery treatments as well as elongated treatment sessions can adversely affect your finances.
  • It is important you evaluate if you will be able to cope up with all financial necessities incase you are afflicted with a cardiac disease.
  • A fixed benefit cardiac plan allows you to avail the best medical treatments by helping meet your medical needs and letting you use your savings for a rainy day.
  • You can tailor make your Cardiac Care plan as per your needs with additional plan options.

Tell us about yourself

Choose ANY or ALL of the following benefit options to avail of HDFC Life Cardiac Care.

    Please refer to the table below for the classification of the various conditions/procedures that are covered under the plan into 3 Groups that they belong to. The benefit payable shall depend on the Group where the condition belongs to as mentioned below:


    Group A

    (High Severity Condition)

    Group B

    (Moderate Severity Condition)

    Group C

    (Mild Severity Condition)

    Benefit payable

    (100% of Sum Insured)

    (50% of Sum Insured)

    (25% of Sum Insured)

    Conditions or Procedures covered

    First Heart Attack - of Specified Severity

    Balloon Valvotomy or Valvuloplasty


    Open Chest Coronary Artery Bypass Graft

    Surgery to place Ventricular Assist Devices or Total Artificial Hearts

    Minimally Invasive Surgery of Aorta

    Open Heart Replacement or Repair of Heart Valves

    Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator (ICD)


    Major Surgery of Aorta

    Carotid Artery Surgery

    Infective Endocarditis

    Heart Transplant


    Surgery for Cardiac Arrhythmia


    Insertion of Pacemaker

    Primary Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension

    Pulmonary Thrombo Embolism

    HDFC Life Cardiac Care offers you Base Benefit as described below. In addition to this benefit you also have the flexibility to choose from the following optional benefits:

    Option A: Hospitalization Benefit

    Option B:Indexation Benefit

    Option C:Income Benefit

    You may choose any one or more of the optional benefits at the inception of the policy; however once opted, the plan benefits cannot be changed later during the Policy Term.


    • In the event of occurrence or undergoing any of the conditions / procedures listed in the table above, you shall receive a fixed benefit equal to:

      • 100% of the Sum Insured under Group A

      • 50% of the Sum Insured under Group B

      • 25% of the Sum Insured under Group C
    • You have the flexibility to claim for the same or different conditions / procedures (falling under Group B & Group C) subject to the exhaustion of 100% of applicable Sum Insured (plus Indexation Benefit, if any) and Cooling-off Period. (Please refer to the section on Cooling Off Period)

    • In the event of occurrence / undergoing more than one condition / procedure the claim shall be payable for only one condition

    • Benefit payable to you shall not exceed unclaimed Sum Insured. Unclaimed Sum Insured shall be calculated as follows:

      • Unclaimed Sum Insured = Original Sum Insured – Total Benefits paid out (since inception)

    • The policy shall terminate on earlier of

      • payment of 100% of Sum Insured against all valid claims and

      • expiry of policy term

    In addition to the Base Benefit, on valid claim for any covered condition falling under Groups B&C, future premiums for both base benefit & optional benefit (if any) shall be waived. 

    • In case you are hospitalized due to the occurrence of any of the covered and admissible conditions or have undergone any of the procedures as listed previously, the lump sum amount payable shall be as follow:


    Benefit Type

    Lump Sum amount payable per day

    Maximum Number of days per policy year

    Maximum Number of days throughout Policy Term


    1% of Original Sum Insured (Maximum Rs 10,000)




    2% of Original Sum Insured (Maximum Rs 20,000)





    • Non-ICU and ICU benefits shall be independent and subjective to their respective limits

    • The maximum claim limit during a policy year is limited to 10% of Original Sum Insured and maximum claim limit during the policy term is limited to 30% of Original Sum Insured for both Non-ICU and ICU benefits

    • In case, you have exhausted the maximum admissible limit under the Non-ICU benefit, Hospitalization Benefit (HB) shall continue with only the remaining limit under the ICU benefit and vice-versa

    • You may choose this option only at inception and the Benefit payable under Hospitalization shall be independent of the Base Benefit under this product

    • Benefit shall be payable only after a minimum of 24 hrs of hospitalization due to one of the covered and admissible conditions as per the plan and for which the claim has been successfully admitted

    • In case you have also chosen the Indexation Benefit, this Benefit shall increase with an increase in the Original Sum Insured through Indexation. However, the maximum Benefit payable under Hospitalization Benefit shall be subject to the limits mentioned above

    • In case the Hospitalization Benefit gets exhausted, you shall need to pay premiums only towards the other benefits i.e. Base Benefit and Indexation Benefit and/or Income Benefit if applicable, effective from the immediate following policy anniversary


    • If no claim has been made during the first policy year, the Original Sum Insured opted for at the inception of the policy shall increase by 10% p.a. starting from the first policy anniversary

    • The Sum Insured shall continue to increase till earlier of:

      • maximum of 200% of the Original Sum Insured opted at policy inception

      • any claim event (excluding claim for hospitalization benefit)

    • You may opt for this option only at policy inception

    • Once there is a successful admission of a claim (Mild, Moderate or Severe), there shall be no further increase in Original Sum Insured.


    • In event of occurrence/diagnosis of condition or procedure from those listed under Group A, you will receive 1% of Sum Insured opted at inception for a fixed period of 5 years
    • This benefit will be paid in addition to the base benefit and optional benefit (if any)

    • In case of the unfortunate event of death of policyholder during the income benefit period, the remaining payouts will be made to the nominee.

    During the income period, future income payments or part thereof can be surrendered in exchange for a lump sum. This lump sum shall be the discounted value of the future income payments at the prevailing revival interest rate charged by the company.

    Kindly refer to the Product Brochure for all details on the plan benefits.

18 yrs
65 yrs
23 yrs
70 yrs (SP*)
75 yrs (RP**)
  • Single Pay: only 5 years
  • Regular Pay : 5 to 40 years
  • Single premium,Annual, Half-yearly,Quarterly and Monthly.
SUM  INSURED (At policy inception)1
(At policy inception)1
  • Minimum Rs 2,00,000
  • Maximum Rs 50,00,000
  • Single
  • Regular(equal to the Policy Term)
  • Minimum Rs 357.40 (RP)
  • Minimum Rs 1313.20 (SP)
  • Maximum Rs 655860(RP)
  • Maximum Rs 14,43,435(SP)

1The Maximum Sum Insured may increase subject to the Indexation Benefit (Please refer to the section on Indexation Benefit for details)

2The premium amount is exclusive of Service Tax and other levies and underwriting extra premium, if any

SP* Single Premium
RP** Regular Premium

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the HDFC Life Cardiac Care Policy?

HDFC Life brings to you HDFC Life Cardiac Care, a comprehensive cardiac care plan that provides financial protection for 18 cardiac conditions of three degrees of severity – mild, moderate and high. In addition, the plan also offers unique features like:

  • Waiver of premium for outstanding term in case of claim for a mild/moderate severity condition
  • Option to choose hospitalization benefit which provides lump sum benefit in case of hospitalization
  • Multiple claims for the same or different condition subject to exhaustion of applicable sum assured

Why do I need the HDFC Life Cardiac Care Policy?

Cardiac ailments are on the rise and can affect anyone, anytime. In addition to the lengthy course of treatment, cardiac ailments can also impact one’s finances. In order to ensure that you protect not only yourself, but also your family, HDFC Life brings to you HDFC Life Cardiac Care; a specialized plan that aims at taking care of any cardiac related financial emergencies and ensure that instead of worrying about your family or finances, you can concentrate on getting better.

What are the different plan options available for this product?

Cardiac Care is a fixed benefit plan that offers a Base Benefit under which you receive lump sum benefit for any of the covered conditions. The benefit amount payable varies depending on the severity of the condition. In addition the plan offers the following optional benefits:

  • Hospitalization Benefit – lump sum benefit payable in case of hospitalization due to covered condition
  • Indexation Benefit – 10% increase in sum assured for every claim free year after first policy year
  • Income Benefit – 1% of sum assured paid as monthly income for 5 years in case of claim for condition of high severity.

The customer may opt for a single option or multiple options in any possible combination under this plan. The optional benefits need to be selected at inception of the policy. All benefits payable under the optional benefits are over and above the base benefit and will not impact the base sum assured.

What are the conditions that are covered under Cardiac Care?

What is the benefit payable under each category/severity?

The following benefit is payable for claim under the following category:

  • High Category – 100% of sum Assured
  • Moderate Category – 50% of Sum Assured
  • Mild Category – 25% of Sum Assured

       The benefit will be payable till exhaustion of the applicable sum assured under the policy. 

How long does the indexation benefit continue?

Indexation benefit continues till the original increased sum assured reaches 200% of original sum assured or claim occurs whichever is earlier.

Are the benefits for ICU & Non-ICU rooms under hospitalization benefit independent ?

Yes. The ICU & Non-ICU benefits payable under the hospitalization benefit are independent of each other and will be subject to their respective limits. In case limit for one room type is exhausted, the limit under the second room type will continue. e.g. If the benefit for ICU benefit is exhausted, the benefit for Non ICU room will continue. 

What is the premium discount/rebate applicable on higher Sum Assured ?

There would be rebates in the form of lower premium rates for higher sum assured.

What is the Waiting Period & Survival Period applicable for Cardiac Care ?

Waiting Period

On inception:

A waiting period of 180 days shall apply from the date of risk commencement.

On revival:

•If the policy is revived within 60 days of premium due date, only the remaining part of waiting period, if any will apply.

•If the policy is revived after 60 days of premium due date, full 180 days waiting period will apply afresh

Survival Period

A survival period of 30 days from the date of occurrence of covered condition is applicable for this plan.

What is the Cooling Off period applicable for Cardiac Care ?

Is there any death benefit for this plan?

HDFC Life Cardiac Care plan aims to aid the expenses incurred due to any cardiac condition/procedure. Hence its benefits are linked to diagnosis and treatment of disease and no death benefit is payable. 

Is there any maturity benefit for this plan?

No, there is no maturity benefit available under this plan.

Is there any Surrender benefit for this plan ?

Surrender Benefit is payable only in case of single pay option under this plan. In case of surrender, the surrender value payable will be

60% x (Single Premium – U/W cost) x (1 – M/P)


UW cost: Rs. 2,750 for medically underwritten life

M: policy month of surrender

P: policy term in months

Is there any tax benefit available for this plan?

Tax Benefits under Section 80D of Income Tax Act, 1961 are applicable for premiums paid towards this plan.

Please note tax benefits are subject to change in tax laws. 

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