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UIN No: 101N110V02 | Launch Date : 19/12/2019

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Every aspect of your life is dependent on your good health. Due to changing lifestyles, health issues have escalated, thus imposing extra financial burden on the family. It becomes imperative therefore to have an online health insurance product in place, to ensure that no matter how critical your illness, it does not impair your financial security.


Keeping the above in mind, we have developed a health insurance product and mediclaim policy for family, parents as well as individuals which will provide a lump sum amount if you are hospitalized or undergo any Surgical Procedure or are diagnosed with Critical Illness.

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What is this product about?

Critical illness insurance provides a lump-sum payment in-case the policyholder is diagnosed of a health related condition of a serious nature. Some of these common critical illnesses include: Heart attack, Cancer, Paralysis, Coronary artery bypass surgery, Major organ transplant (e.g. heart, lung, liver, pancreas), Stroke, Kidney Failure.

Why you need this plan?

  • Healthcare costs have been growing faster than general inflation in the last decade.
  • Episodes of critical illness, hospitalization, and medical procedures can happen to anyone, anytime
  • Enjoy high cover at an affordable premium
  • Get protection from well defined benefits
  • HDFC life Easy Health can work like a top up to your already existing health plan too

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Explore HDFC Life Easy Health
Choose ANY or ALL of the following benefit options to avail of HDFC Life Easy Health.
    • 1% and 2% of sum insured shall be payable per day in case of Hospitalization on admission into Non ICU room and ICU Room respectively 
    • Benefit payable shall be for a maximum of 20 days (for Non ICU room) and 10 days (for ICU room) per year
    • Benefit payable shall be for a maximum of 60 days (for Non ICU room) and 30 days (for ICU room) during the policy term
    • Lump sum payout up to 100% of the Sum Insured against 138 surgeries, based on the severity of the surgery
    • 100% of the Sum Insured shall be payable in case diagnosed with any one of 18 Critical Illnesses specified
18 yrs
65 yrs
23 yrs
70 yrs
  • 5 years
  • Onetime payment (Single premium)
  • Annual (Regular Premium)
  • Single
  • Regular
  • Option 1 : Rs 25,000
  • Option 2 : Rs 50,000
  • Option 3 : Rs 75,000
  • Option 4 : Rs 1,00,000
  • Option 5 : Rs 1,50,000
  • Option 6 : Rs 2,00,000
  • Option 7 : Rs 2,50,000
  • Option 8 : Rs 3,00,000
  • Option 9 : Rs 4,00,000
  • Option 10 : Rs 5,00,000
Survival Period : A 30 days survival period between the date of diagnosis of a Critical Illness and the date of eligibility for benefit payment would be applicable
Waiting Period : 60 days waiting period shall be applicable for Daily Hospital Cash Benefit and Surgical Benefit 90 days waiting period shall be applicable for Critical Illness Benefit 1 year and 2 year waiting period shall be applicable for specific conditions Waiting period shall not be applicable for hospitalization or any specified surgery

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the HDFC Life Easy Health Plan?

HDFC Life Easy Health is a fixed benefit, mediclaim policy that provides coverage against Critical Illness, specified Surgeries and also provide Daily Hospital Cash Benefit in case of hospitalization. The cover provided by HDFC Life Easy Health cashless mediclaim policy will be available for a period of 5 years.

What are the different benefits available for this product?

There are 3 separate benefits available in this plan namely: 
Surgical Benefit: Avail up to 100% of Sum Insured in case of 138 surgeries 
Critical Illness Benefit: Get 100% of Sum Insured if diagnosed with any one of 18 Critical Illnesses 
Daily Hospital Cash Benefit: Avail Daily Hospital Cash of 1% of Sum Insured per day (Non ICU rooms) and 2% of Sum Insured per day (ICU)

You can select 1, 2 or all the 3 plan benefits at the time of policy purchase.

What are the different plan options available for this product?

You can select one or a combination of 2 or 3 benefits available under this health insurance plan. There are 7 plan options that you can select from. They are as follows:

1Daily Hospital Cash Benefit
2Surgical Benefit
3Critical Illness Benefit
4Daily Hospital Cash Benefit + Surgical Benefit
5Surgical Benefit + Critical Illness Benefit
6Daily Hospital Cash Benefit + Critical Illness Benefit
7Daily Hospital Cash Benefit + Surgical Benefit + Critical Illness Benefit

How will the Pay Out happen for this Plan?

The payout will depend upon the plan benefit(s) chosen.

Daily Hospital Cash Benefit (DHCB)

  • In case of hospitalization, due to any injury, sickness or disease, you will receive 1% of Sum Insured as DHCB if admitted in Non ICU room and 2% of Sum Insured if admitted in ICU room
  • The benefit will be payable as a lump sum amount after the completion of each continuous hospitalization for more than 24 hours as a result of injury, sickness or disease. The benefit amount payable will be calculated as mentioned below:
    • Daily Hospital Cash Benefit * (Number of Days admitted - 1)
  • Daily Hospital Cash Benefit will be payable for a maximum of 20 days per year in case the Life Assured is admitted in Non ICU room and Twice the Daily Hospital Cash Benefit will be payable for a maximum of 10 days per year if admitted in ICU room
  • Daily Hospital Cash Benefit will be payable subject to a maximum of 60 and 30 days if admitted in Non ICU and ICU rooms, respectively during the entire policy term
  • The ICU and non ICU benefits will be independent and subject to their respective limits
  • There is a waiting period of 60 days from the date of commencement or reinstatement of the cover, Waiting period will not be applicable for accidental injury

Surgical Benefit (SB)

  • Surgical Benefit will be payable if the Life Assured has undergone any of the 138 surgeries mentioned in Annexure 2 of the Sales Brochure, provided the surgery is done:
    • by a qualified surgeon for a surgical operation and
    • performed at a hospital due to injury or
    • sickness for covered surgical procedures advised by an independent medical practitioner and the policy is inforce during the policy term
  • In case the Life Assured has to undergo a surgery during the policy term, the benefit payable shall be ascertained on the basis of the Category of the Surgery as shown below:


    **Read the product brochure for further details under Surgical Benefit

  • You are entitled to make multiple claims and avail benefits up to maximum of 100% of Sum Insured during the policy term
  • The policyholder shall not be allowed to claim for the same surgery more than once. However, multiple claims from the same category can be made.
  • In case 100% of the Sum Insured has been used up, the cover for Surgical Benefit will cease for the Life Assured for the remaining policy term. However, other benefits (such as Daily Hospital Cash Benefit and Critical Illness Benefit, if applicable) will continue to be in force.
  • There is a waiting period of 60 days from the date of commencement / reinstatement of the cover. Waiting period will not be applicable in case of accidental injury

Critical Illness Benefit (CI)

  • Lump sum benefit equal to the 100% of the Sum Insured shall be payable in case the Life Assured is diagnosed with any of the 18 Critical Illness specified in the Sales Brochure
  • In respect of the Critical Illness Benefit, a 30 day survival period is applicable. This refers to the period from the diagnosis of the Critical Illness that the Life Assured must survive for the Critical Illness Benefit to be payable
  • Critical Illness Benefit will be payable only once during the entire policy term
  • Once the Critical Illness Benefit is paid, the benefit will cease for the Life Assured for the remaining policy term. However, other benefits (such as Daily Hospital Cash Benefit and Surgical Benefit) will continue to be in force
  • There is a waiting period of 90 days for Critical Illness Benefit from the date of commencement/ reinstatement of the cover, except in cases where the Critical Illness occurs as a result of an accident (e.g., Major Head Trauma)

What is the policy term available with this product?

There is a fixed policy term of 5 years. Further, you shall only pay premiums for the benefit(s) as long as the complete payout for the that benefit has not happened. The mediclaim policyholder shall have the option to choose one of the above plan options at the time of policy inception, only.

What are the premium payment frequencies available for this product?

You can choose to pay your premiums either annually (Regular Premium) or one time (Single Premium).

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HDFC Life Easy Health
Six Tips for a Healthy Life

As adults, we have to take a conscious decision to take care of our health.And being healthy doesn't simply mean being skinny or looking better than your arch enemy. Living a wholesome life is a long-term commitment.There are emotional,physical, and spiritual factors that affect our well being, and it's important that we understand this before we start to make lifestyle changes to live a healthier life.Here are a few things we can do that will help us lead a more wholesome life:

HDFC Life Easy Health Plan
HDFC Life Easy Health - a cashless health insurance that let's you customise your plan as per your needs. Avail Daily Hospital Cash Benefit, Surgical Benefit and Critical illness Benefit for just Rs 24 per day*.
*Annual Premium amount of Rs. 8,516 for Male, 35 years of age, for Rs. 3 lacs Sum Insured, Daily Hospital Cash Benefit, Critical Illness Benefit and Surgical Benefit, inclusive of taxes, for online purchase only (Rs. 8,516/365 days = Rs. 23.3 approx.)


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