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Medical emergencies are unforeseen events that can put a huge strain on your finances. A single hospitalization can eliminate your entire savings or may even result in enormous debt.

With increased incidence of lifestyle diseases and rising costs of health care, medical expenses are unavoidable for all of us. To meet such expenses individuals often need to obtain loans or sell assets, such as vehicles and jewelry to cover treatment costs.

To avoid such disastrous financial situations, it is recommended that you avail a health insurance policy. Most insurance companies in India provide different kinds of health plans. Before you make a decision, it would be a good idea to compare health insurance plans from different institutions. The following table provides a health insurance comparison for single life and family floater health insurance provided by HDFC Life based on several parameters:

 Single LifeFamily Floater
Sum InsuredINR 3 lacsINR 5 lacsINR 3 lacsINR 5 lacsINR 7 lacsINR 10 lacs
Pre-hospitalization days303030
Post-hospitalization days606060
Ambulance CoverUp to INR 2000Up to INR 2000Up to INR 2000 per insured per policy
Domiciliary Hospitalization      
Hospital Cash BenefitINR 300 per dayINR 500 per dayINR 300 per dayINR 300 per dayINR 700 per dayINR 1000 per day
Wellness BenefitHealth vouchers (0.1% of sum insured) to be used within one year of issue
Day Care BenefitAvailable for more than 200 day-care procedures not requiring hospitalization exceeding 24 hours
Donor Expense BenefitActual Expenses Incurred During Organ Donation Procedure
Restore BenefitAutomatically restored to original sum insured in case original sum insured and multiplier benefit is exhausted
Room Rent EnhancementSub-Limit of 1% of sum insuredPrivate room rent enhancement availableSub-Limit of 1% of sum insuredPrivate room rent enhancement available
Maternity BenefitNANANANAMaximum of 3% of sum
Benefit    assured per pregnancy


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Waiting Period and Exclusions

  • 30-days waiting period

    Medical expenses incurred within 30 days from the commencement of the policy are not covered. Individuals are advised to compare health insurance terms and conditions to get a better understanding of such waiting periods and exclusions.
  • 2-years and more waiting period

    When you compare health insurance plans, you need to check the conditions and treatments that have a longer waiting period of 2 or more years. Often conditions, such as bile duct stones, hemorrhoids, varicose veins, ulcers, and knee replacement surgeries have longer waiting periods. This means that if you need treatment for such conditions, the health plan will not cover the expenses until the end of the waiting period.
  • Pre-existing conditions

    Most insurance companies do not offer coverage for pre-existing conditions until a certain period from the commencement date of the policy. When you are doing a health insurance plan comparison, it is recommended that you check this period and avail a policy that has a lower waiting period if you suffer from any pre-existing condition. Pre-existing conditions are those medical ailments that you have already been diagnosed at the time of buying the policy. Individuals are advised to give truthful and accurate information while availing a health plan to ensure there are no issues in the future, when you need to file claims under the insurance policy.

    Health insurance is vital for every individual. The earlier you start investing in this type of insurance, the more beneficial it is. However, it is important for you to research the different products that are available before buying any plan.

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