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Be there for your loved ones by planning for the unplanned

Hiral Malde Shah, 34, describes how she made considerable efforts to help people during the Mumbai monsoons, and why everyone should rise up to contribute in difficult situations.

“I have the experience of working at radio stations for around five years now. As a producer at Fever 104 FM, I always ask my radio jockeys to put out social messages that could help our listeners in any way possible.

I believe that as a member of the media, we have a responsibility to keep people informed and must do our bit to make a difference in society. For instance, during the 26/11 attacks on Mumbai in 2008, I remember going out on the field and relaying updates about the situation at a time when a lot of folks were holed up in their home, afraid to step out.

So, when I first saw some posts on social media about people stuck in the rains and a few others who were offering help, I decided to join hands with them and do my bit to contribute to the effort.

We first sent out messages on air that if anybody was stuck in Lower Parel, they could drop in to our office for some chai-samosa. A few walked in as well and spent time with us. Once the rain abated, we realised that a few of them didn’t have any rain protection. So we gave them umbrellas that we usually hand out to our contest winners, hoping that it would help them get home safely.

Once home, I decided to send out the same message through my personal accounts, letting people know that my door was open to anyone who was stuck. It was even more critical because I live around the Wadala-Matunga area, which is low-lying and is prone to flooding on regular occasions. Even on the days that it didn’t rain too heavily, I sent out messages since I believe the prevention is better than cure.

On one of the days, I received a message from a gentleman who was stuck near Wadala station. All trains had been cancelled, so I offered to come fetch him since my house is not too far off. But by the time I got there, he called to thank and inform me that he had managed to find some transport. Another day, I had a couple of interns who were stuck a short distance from where I live. This time around, I stepped out to get them and brought them home.

I believe that these are the times we can do our bit as citizens and should contribute in whatever little way that we can. And you never know how a simple post could help someone who’s having a terrible day. Many things in life are unplanned, and as my experiences show, anything can happen to anyone, whether it’s you or the people you care about. Which is why you should always think about how you are going to be of any help for your loved ones when you are not around? This is why my next investment is going to be in a term insurance plan.

I lost a friend about three years ago. He had bought term insurance and his mother is covered by it today, and I couldn’t be happier. It’s important to have a good understanding of what it takes to secure your future in the long run.”

Helping out others in times of crisis is what makes us human. A big part of being there for people you care about is securing their future even if you’re absent. Getting a term insurance plan, as Hiral realised, can help provide that necessary protection.

ARN: ED/08/19/15360

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