5 Parenting Hacks Your Child Secretly Wants You to Master

According to child psychologists, the formative years of a child’s life are crucial in the development of their personality and will have an everlasting impact on their minds. And since they spend most of their time up to the age of 8 inside the safety blanket they call home, it becomes your priority as a parent to fill it with unwavering support and shield them from negative interactions. Having said that, there’s a lot more that your child expects from you, often without even realising or expressing it.

Don’t Shy Away from Showing Your Affection:

They crave physical bonding because it helps ease any tension they might be holding on to. So, don’t think twice before doling out unlimited hugs and kisses on the daily, as this will instil a sense of security and make them feel loved and protected. Not just that, displaying affection through actions can greatly alleviate any stress you may be feeling, too! Another effective way of establishing a powerful connection with your little one is by showering them with attention instead of fancy toys. Involve them in chores around the house and watch as they pick up on essential life skills faster than they would if you merely told them what to do.

Engage Their Minds, Not Their Hands:

In this age of uninterrupted digital connectivity, you might feel obligated to give your kid a smartphone early on, but it’s really not that necessary. In fact, they’ll probably value it more if you picked up a book every night and shared story time with them. It doesn’t matter if they are too young to understand the nuances of language; the act of simply listening to you will go a long way in building their vocabulary and helping them express their thoughts. And while you are developing their imagination, gently encourage them to engage in outdoor activities instead of handing them video game controllers. Most kids learn the art of mindfulness – being present in the moment – during playtime, and it contributes to their emotional and cognitive development as well.

Encourage Their Interests:

Children are naturally creative and quick learners. It is your responsibility to identify your child’s strengths and nudge them to build on their interests. Buy them drawing books, musical instruments, and toys that foster artistic development. If your child wants to play video games, set aside a specific time so they don’t get addicted to them. However, as long as you are actively engaged in their lives, they’ll likely spend more time giving you attention than playing with toys and video games. If your child demonstrates a natural flair for something, provide them with the resources to practice their passion and encourage them to give it their best shot. You will be the first person they thank when they hit a milestone in that field.

Embrace the Outdoors:

When they grow up a little, keep your trips to the shopping mall and movies limited. Instead, visit parks, go on treks, take boat rides, and so on. Walk through nature with your kids and explain to them how natural resources and their sustenance are important to our survival as a species. On the way, let your children socialise with other kids. Sure, keep an eye out for their safety, but without being overprotective. This will help them become self-sufficient and well-adjusted members of society.

Don’t Skip Money Lessons:

Finally, and this is something most parenting books skip out on, talk to your children about money. They have to learn from someone someday, so let that be you today. It doesn’t have to be a boring PowerPoint presentation about the origin of banks and currency. You can inculcate a sense of responsibility by showing them how money is a valuable resource. Don’t be reluctant to talk openly about your finances, and teach them the concepts of saving, budgeting, and living within their means.

Another thing you can do is invest in a children insurance  plan and tell them all about its benefits, like creating a stable financial future that will remain unimpacted in case something happens to you. They will sincerely appreciate your candour and, at the same time, feel insured against the unpredictability of life. Besides, by equipping them with a sound policy, you can rest easy knowing that in the event of your unfortunate absence, your child won’t hit an economic roadblock on their journey to happiness. And that, all said and done, is the kind of parenting hack your child will thank you for secretly.



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