Why Child Health Insurance Policy is Important?

Health insurance cover is very important as it provides a cover in times of any health related contingency. The importance becomes even more evident when seen in context of children. The immunity levels are quite low in children as compared to that in adults and so, children are more prone to diseases. While children's access to care is a function of a wide range of factors, including family characteristics and the organization of the health system, financial barriers such as lack of health insurance play a significant role. Health insurance is by far the most important predictor of whether children will receive needed health care. Uninsured children receive fewer aggregate annual physician visits than their insured counterparts, and they are significantly less likely than publicly insured poor children to identify a usual source of routine care and this has been found to be true by social scientists in various studies.

Given the fact that seemingly, most children are healthy, there are opinions therefore, regarding why it is important for children to have access to health care. In fact, despite relatively good health, children do need access to regular health care, as well as access to special services when acute or chronic conditions occur and generally speaking too. Moreover, children are distinct from other age groups in several important ways. For one thing, they are entirely dependent on their adult caretakers or guardians for health services. Children are incapable of making decisions about health care, purchasing services or insurance. As such, we cannot expect children to develop any opinions about the appropriateness of services. Children are also unable to voice preferences or to influence decisions that their parents make on their behalf. Hence, it is the responsibility of adults to represent their interests and to ensure that their needs are met at all times.

This is where health insurance plays such an important role. Being insured gives a significant cover in times of any contingency. The financial angle to various diseases and their treatments is very important. If the guardians or parents are not prepared financially to deal with the incurred costs, it can leave a big dent in their savings. They may even have to seek alternate and cheap detours and this can severely impact the well being of the children in the long run.

In various studies and surveys conducted in India and abroad, it has been found that financial literacy rate among parents directly impacts their decisions for securing health insurance for their children. This trend has varied from time to time and factors like a stable income, ethnicity, and level of awareness have played a significant role in this. In India, among various groups, child health insurance was considered an alien concept and various segments of population, especially ones who border on marginalized and lower middle class income groups were the chief among them. Although governmental initiatives and efforts by various NGOs have brought in significant change, yet much needs to be done on this front. With rapidly changing times and rising levels of financial responsibility, a wider coverage of health insurance for children is expected in India and this is a much awaited development.

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