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5 Things to Avoid While Investing For Retirement

Working of Pension Plans in India

Retirement is a stage of life when, after decades of dedicated professional work and long years of service, every professional looks forward to fulfilling her/his personal commitments and long-awaited aspirations. Understandably, every person wishes to live a comfortable retired life with no financial hassles and in fact, every person is entitled to such a stress-free retired life. After all, this is the golden phase of life and the ideal time to fulfill the special commitments that you have towards your loved ones. This is also the time when all the time that you have on your hands is meant for self development and for your family. Therefore, it is very important that you must begin planning for retirement at a timely stage when you are at the peak of your potential professional growth. This will ensure that the time-factor is in your favor and by the time you retire, there is a sufficient fund corpus in place for all your requirements.

There are a lot of factors which decide what sort of coverage will be ideal for you and your dependent family members after your retirement. However, there are certain mistakes that professionals commonly commit while planning their retirement. Below mentioned are five major factors that you must avoid while investing for retirement:

  1. Delayed approach: A timely decision is the best decision. Ideally, you must start planning for your retirement in the early stages of your career because this will allow you a proper term in years to build up and retain a sufficient coverage for your golden years. Therefore, it is important that you take a timely decision and start saving as soon as you are in a position to do so.
  2. Not choosing the due sum assured: Sum assured is the amount of funds that you will be entitled to when you retire. You must carefully choose the total sum coverage that you require post retirement in order to avoid being underinsured. For this, it is important to carefully list out your specific requirements and match them with the sum assured as per the retirement plan that you wish to choose.
  3. Not considering the inflation-factor: This is one of the most common mistakes that people make while planning for the future requirements. While choosing the coverage scope that you wish to avail, it is very important that you take inflation into consideration. Inflation is the general increase in prices over a period of time and reflects the cost of living index that will be in vogue after some decades. For any proper retirement planning, it is very essential that you consider this factor carefully.
  4. Wrong investment choices: Investment choices may be either equity-based, high-risk options or debt-based, low-risk ones. When you choose an investment option, ensure that it is as per your risk-appetite and the time-period that you have in mind for specific financial goals. Any unplanned decision can severely impact your financial freedom.
  5. Not having a balanced portfolio: You must equally invest in debt and equity fund options and not take a one-sided approach to investment. This will ensure that there is optimum fund growth and a durable financial reserve is created by the time of your retirement. Therefore, you must aim for a balanced financial portfolio.

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