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HDFC Life presents special solutions catering to different financial needs of women. Women’s plans are a set of specially created and hand-picked products which suit the needs of women at different stages of their life; such as protection, health, retirement, child’s education and long term savings and investments.

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Women’s insurance plan caters to different financial needs of women. Women’s plans are a set of specially created and hand-picked products which suit the needs of women at different stages of their life; such as protection, health, retirement, child’s education and long term savings and investments.


Women need different financial solutions than men like financial protection on spouse’s premature demise, women-specific health risks and financial security in retirement.

Women’s Insurance Plans address these women-specific needs.

Women’s Insurance Plans by HDFC Life have been specially created to meet women’s needs at their different stages of life.

This is possible with features for life and health insurance and savings for major needs like retirement and child’s education.

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3 Reasons Why Women Need An Insurance Plan

As a modern woman, do you really need to invest in life insurance? If you have children of your own, a life insurance policy would be an obvious must-have. However, while people often believe that if they do not have dependants, they don’t need to be insured, that is not the case. Life insurance has much more to offer than protection of your children’s future in the event that something untoward occurs. Here are the three most important reasons why you need to invest in a women's insurance plan:
  • These days most families have two working parents. As an active contributor to your family’s income, it’s important that you back-up the income that you bring in. Since both you and your spouse play an essential role in the financial security of your family, you should both be insured. Taking out a life insurance policy for yourself will ensure that your loved ones' futures are secured in the case of premature death or disability.

    For a stay-at-home mom, a lot of time, money and effort go into running your household. Finding someone to manage the household in your absence would cost your family much more than it does currently and it’s necessary to plan for those added expenses. Even if your spouse were to stay home to watch the children and take care of the house, that would require a break from work or shorter shifts, which again means a decrease in income.

    Women Life Insurance can benefit single women as well. It’s often overlooked that debts such as loans and taxes would fall on family members if something were to happen to you. An insurance plan can provide your family with the funds needed to pay off these debts.


  • If you’re a single woman living independently, it pays to be prepared for a situation in which you will not be earning an income. For instance, in the event that you are struck by illness or need to take a break from work for any reason, having an insurance policy would come in handy.

    Today, it’s not uncommon to find a woman running her own business or a woman holding an important position in a privately held business. So if you’re one of these women, it’s important for you to get insured to make sure your business will keep on running, even when you are no longer around.

    When we think of life insurance, we generally think of the worst case scenario. However, chances are that you could live to a ripe old age and have the retirement you always imagined. Whether you’re single or married, there are definitely some retirement goals that you’ve set for yourself – it may be a long cruise, a fancy car or just to travel as much as possible. Investing in life insurance now could mean living out your most extravagant retirement dreams, when the time comes.


  • Whether it’s a new business venture, a wedding or perhaps a new addition to the family, there’s no telling what the future holds. Investing in a life insurance plan today can help you build up a corpus to meet future requirements or goals such as buying your own home, a car or preparing for a child’s higher education. What’s more, this investment in financial security comes with the added benefit of tax savings.

    At HDFC Life, we understand that the financial needs of women are unique from those of their male counterparts. As a woman you may undertake a number of responsibilities domestically and professionally. That’s why we offer customised life insurance solutions for women to secure their own financial independence and that of their families. Start investing today, for the protection of your financial future and to gain peace of mind.



Women's Insurance Plans FAQs

The ideal life insurance cover which should be at least 5-10 times your annual income. Simply put, you should have enough life insurance cover so that your family can cover the liabilities and manage for at least 5-7 years without your income.

People have enormous faith in the life insurance cover that their employer provides for them. Our research insights tell us that cover provided by the employer typically is equal to the annual income. This isn't adequate. Also, this insurance lasts as long as you are employed with the organization. If you change jobs, start a company of your own or become a freelancer, you won't have the same insurance cover. If these events happen when you are older, the cost of insurance will be higher too.

Your insurance policy should cover a person till the age he intends to retire. Till a few years ago, this was 60 years. However, in our new age we may have late marriages and having children at a higher age mean responsibilities do not end at 60. Experts suggest a life cover till 65 years, though it may vary according to circumstances.
We will not recommend you a short-term cover of 15-20 years that ends when you are in your 40s. The premium will be very low because you will be insuring yourself for the non-risky years. 40s are perhaps the time when you should have the best possible coverage. If you take fresh insurance at that age, it will be very expensive. You might even be denied a policy because of your health.

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